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The Beginning

“I started with myself and a good credit history,” said Todd Throgmorton about first launching Throgmorton Landscaping. After earning a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Murray State University in 1994, Throgmorton worked for 10 years as a commercial loan officer. He interacted daily with entrepreneurs who had solid plans and hopeful dreams, and his own desire to run a business took root. In 2005, he became a one-man show with basic landscaping services and has since grown to a seven-man staff that specializes in large industrial jobs and bigger private estates. Todd also credits his family life for making him the man and business owner he is today. He met his wife Janet Throgmorton, principal at Fancy Farm Elementary School, while they were students at Murray State, and they have three children.

Services We Provide

This professional team is available for jobs of all sizes, but specializes in large private estates, commercial businesses and industrial customers. This clientele grew over the years, Throgmorton said, and his company has learned how to cater to the needs of large plants, production facilities, doctor offices, banks and private homes with large acreages. Clients are in Ballard, Carlisle, McCracken, Graves and Calloway Counties.

Our Services

Why We Do It

Farm work and being out among the land always called to Todd Throgmorton. He grew up on a farm in Ballard County and couldn’t seem to shake an urge to build something of his own out in the Bluegrass. Through flexible, over-the-top customer service and attention to each clients’ needs, Throgmorton Landscaping reflects the pride and love for making our surroundings look as immaculate as possible. It makes sense someone who grew up loving and appreciating our natural, rural setting spends his days maintaining and improving what employees, homeowners and passersby see every day.

How We Do It

Seven employees are available 24/7 to provide timely and dependable service. Over 10 years, Throgmorton has built a company geared toward large commercial sites with the flexibility to handle larger private estates. From a fleet of zero-turn mowers to snow blades, his accumulated equipment over the years of handling larger jobs has led to a collection of versatile tools and attachments that allow for his trained team to tackle expansive sites with precision and attention to every detail. Contact Throgmorton to discuss your facility or estate and experience his prompt and careful service.