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Tired of taking care of your lawn? Hate all the trimming, edging, mowing and more? It’s time you called a local grounds maintenance company that has a reputation for superior quality service. At Throgmorton, LLC, our team provides a wide range of grounds and facility maintenance and lawn care services to customers throughout Western KY including Benton, Mayfield, Murray, Paducah, and all surrounding areas. As a family-owned business, we take pride in what we do, holding ourselves to the highest possible standards for every job. Established in 2005, you can trust our team to take care of your lawn for a yard that’s’ bursting with curb appeal. Call now to schedule a consultation or read more below about our services!

Grounds & Facility Maintenance Services

In Western KY, people know that we’re the company to call for all their facility maintenance and lawn care needs. In fact, we employ trained and qualified professionals that understand the importance of delivering superior results. We offer a wide range of services, depending on your needs. From simple weekly mowing to fertilization, core aeration and more, there’s a reason we’re Western KY’s first choice for lawn care. We service those in McCracken County, KY, for all their facility maintenance needs. We offer the following services:

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What Should You Expect with a Throgmorton lawn Care Plan?

Healthy Lawn Analysis: Our team thoroughly inspects your lawn, identifying any issues and finding exactly what your grass needs to stay and remain as healthy as possible.

Lawn care is about more than just mowing your lawn whenever the grass gets too long. There are times that need attention to apply and track the fertilizers, grub control, and using other products that help maintain a healthy lawn. The best-looking yards are taken care of by professional and attentive lawn technicians similar to our team at Throgmorton LLC.

Our weed and fertilization plans are there to help you make sure that your grass maintains its rich green color and lush texture. We do this by eliminating clovers or dandelions, preventing crabgrass, and ensuring that it is at its peak health. A properly maintained lawn is robust and maintained while being able to help prevent diseases and pest infestations in your home. Your local lawn technicians at Throgmorton LLC will create a plan for your lawn’s specific needs using the latest technologies and their knowledge about the area including the rainfall rates and climate.

Your lawn will be the recipient of between 6 and 8 treatments including:

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Let Us Repair the Mistakes of Inexperienced Contractors!

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Weed Removal Services

Weeds can distract from every type of lawn, including some of the most beautiful ones. Throgmorton offers weed control services in order to keep those pesky invasive weeds away from your beautiful lawn. We can start with a pre-emergent treatment that stops weeds before they even start while also continuing to treat and remove any weeds that may appear.


Our typical service visits include feeding and fertilization in order to ensure your yard has all of the required nutrients that it needs in order to stay strong and healthy.


Schedule an annual aeration process that prevents the soil from being compacted. Imagine a beautiful and healthier lawn without having to excessively use treatments or watering. As part of our landscaping services, our lawn aeration process promotes a healthier and stronger landscape by helping it drink, eat, and breathe. It even encourages stronger resistance to heat and dry weather for all-year-round protection.

Lawn aeration, which is one of the most environmentally responsible services, is the process that uses oxygen, water, and nutrients and directs it into the turf’s root zone. It does this by removing small soil plugs around the size of a thumb. One of the most important elements of our program, which is aeration can benefit your lawn and the surrounding environments including:

Fall Aeration and Overseeding Services

Unlike warm grasses, Fescue is a non-spreading, cool-season grass and needs to be overseeded during the cooler fall months.

What is Overseeding?

After a humid and hot midwestern summer, your Fescue grass may be thinning in places. Overseeding is the process of applying seeds over your existing grass in order to fill in any bare spots and to help your grass grow thicker all over. Overseeding is enhanced when it is preceded by aeration services.

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What Does Aeration in the Fall Do For Your Lawn?

What Does Fall Overseeding Do For Your Lawn?

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Lawn Mowing Services

Designing and installing landscaping features is one thing, but maintaining them is quite another. While the initial installation is sure to add value, letting it grow uncontrolled could have the opposite effect on your curb appeal. Luckily, we provide landscaping maintenance services for customers throughout our service area. Would you buy a new car without getting regular maintenance? Of course, you wouldn’t. And you wouldn’t have a professional landscaper revamp your property and let it fall into disrepair. Call Throgmorton to help keep your lawn beautiful!

The services that you need will depend on the type of landscaping that you have, the type of landscaping that you want, the size of your property and much more. We’ll work with you to come up with a plan for maintenance that fits your needs and your budget!

Grassy Weed Control Services

The three most persistent common broadleaf and grassy weeds in the Western Kentucky area include:

Fescue clumps in non-Fescue Lawns

Fescue is a cold-season grass that often grows in large bright-green patches or lumps. This type of weed is a fast-growing invader which can interfere with the smooth, even quality of a Zoysia or Bermuda lawn, and must be stopped as soon as possible.


These are perennial grassy weed that grows on any lawn; however, it is common on Bermuda lawns. This weed is common during the warm season, between the months of April through September.

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Wild Violets

Through they are beautiful flowers in the spring, however, these perennials can become a persistent and quick-spreading weed. Colonies of wild violets usually start in the shade and spread to the sunnier areas of your yard. You can control them yourself if you remove the entire root using a sharp knife or by digging them up.

Each of these weeds requires a different type of treatment. If you are dealing with a weed issue on your lawn, call our team and we will come out and identify them and come up with a course of treatment to get rid of them. A post-emergent herbicide is added to combat more difficult perennial weeds that cannot be controlled with a pre-emergent application.

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Light Excavation Services

Our team excavation services may actually include more than you would expect. These services include clearing overgrown spaces, land contouring, and spreading materials such as gravel and stone. We utilize an array of equipment in order to complete the project in an efficient and safe manner. Our equipment is some of the latest in the industry and our team is fully up to date and trained on all of the latest techniques and technologies.

From homes to commercial properties, we are here to ensure that if you need a newly designed landscape or driveway, our team is here to make sure it goes smoothly.

Measure Twice, Dig Once

Our team does the excavation right the first time. At Throgmorton, we have years of excavating experience and are here to assist the Western Kentucky area. When you are deciding on reshaping your landscaping or adding a water feature to your home or business, having a team that understands how to move all that dirt comes in handy. At Throgmorton, our team makes sure that the job is done right the first time and that problems such as flooding, erosion, and pooling are all prevented. 

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Yard Drainage Solutions

Dig a Swale or a Creek Bed

If you have a soggy spot in your yard that a downspout extension is unable to fix, you may need a drainage swale or artificial creek to draw the water away from the low spots. These types of projects typically involve digging the soil into a shallow, long trench, and then filling it with decorative rocks and gravel. Assuming that your lawn has the right downward slope, this project will act as a slide for runoff water to escape through.

An added bonus to this project is that even when it is not in use, this type of installation can be an attractive addition to your yard’s landscaping.  Tools that are commonly used include:

Constructing a Rain Garden

If there is a low place on your property that tends to collect water and doesn’t have enough of a slope to drain the water using a creek bed, you can turn it into a rain garden. A rain garden is a way to catch rainfall and still be attractive. Typically, these gardens are filled with water-loving plants such as ornamental mosses, hostas, and ferns that can dry out the over-saturated areas. These do not solve the drainage issue, but they make it more attractive than just a muddy hole in the ground. Typically, these rain gardens dry within 24 hours.

Install French Drain or a Dry Well

When your lawn has drainage issues and making a surface level adjustment doesn’t solve the issue, it may be time to go a little deeper. Dry wells and French drains are installed below the topsoil in order to redirect and disperse excess water. However, both of these methods are different in their construction and application. For heavy-duty yard drainage needs, a French drain connecting to a downspout and ending in a dry well is an effective and popular solution. This leads water away from your house and effectively disperses it. Make sure to check your soil conditions at the dry well installation site. If the soil is not porous and doesn’t drain well, a dry well will not be useful. This can be done by digging a tiny hole, pouring water inside, and seeing how long it takes for it to drain away.

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Extend Your Downspout with Drainage Lines

An easy solution to the problem of runoff caused by your gutter system would be to extend the downspout to be farther away from the house. However, if you are diverting the runoff away from your house, make sure that it is being sent to a safe drainage source such as a storm drain, and not just the property next door. If the lines of your home are clogged up and buried, our team can trench in new corrugated pipes for your home’s gutters and downspouts.

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