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Finest Commercial Exterior Maintenance in Marshall County, KY

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Have you wondered what has been hindering your business from taking it to the next level? Today’s business environment is fiercely competitive, and mediocre exterior maintenance strategies could be what’s making your business blend in with the rest. Throgmorton LLC understands that the key to creating an inviting environment for customers – starts with lawn care. Proper exterior maintenance of commercial buildings (which we provide) helps you get ahead of the game with maintenance issues and cost-effective, all the while, attracting more customers to store locations because we help make your business stand out.

Our Services

The local community of Marshall County can vouch for Throgmorton, LLC services when it comes to lawn maintenance and care. Our team consists of qualified and dedicated professionals that know how to provide service for commercial and residential properties. From snow removal to a complete revamp of your commercial exterior – our team will find the answers to suit your needs. Our experienced staff offers the following services:

Grounds Maintenance Marshall County, KY

Whether you want a scheduled lawn grooming or just your hedges trimmed, professional grounds maintenance has a realm of benefits for your commercial or residential property. While some companies just do the bare minimum lawn care service, we provide complete ground maintenance services based on your needs and budget. From core aeration to edging, we’re striving to fulfill all of your lawn care needs.

Benefits of Professional Grounds Maintenance

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yard drainage assistance

Yard Drainage Assistance Marshall County, KY

If you are finding your Marshall County, KY home or business yard is flooding during rainstorms, it may be caused by a lack of proper drainage. Our team at Throgmorton, LLC is here to make sure that your lawn has the proper types of drainage that it needs. This includes the installation of new drainage systems such as rain gardens or dry wells, or even the repair of current drainage systems. Give our team a call today and we can help come up with an efficient and affordable solution to your yard’s drainage problems.

Some of Our Yard Drainage Solutions Include:

Fall Aeration and Overseeding Services Marshall County, KY

Noticing that your yard is not looking its best during the cooler fall months? Your yard may be Fescue grass which is one of the cool-season grasses that thrive in the fall months and need to be overseeded during these months. Overseeding is the process of applying seeds over the current grass in order to fill in any bare patches of grass and to help your grass grow thicker. Some of the benefits of aeration and overseeing include:

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Why Choose Throgmorton, LLC?

We understand how important first impressions can be. While some believe that the first impression starts as soon as the customer enters the place of business, we believe different. We believe that customers are gathering opinions even before they enter your place of business – which is why exterior maintenance is our focus and passion. Here are a few simple reasons to choose Throgmorton for any lawn care services in the Marshall County area:

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