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Are you ready to revamp the look of your lawn? Sick of hassling with lawn care equipment multiple times per week? It’s time you found a local lawn care company to help you with all of your outdoor needs. Throgmorton, LLC provides a diverse range of services to customers in Carlisle County KY and throughout the surrounding communities of Western Kentucky. Our family-owned and operated business take pride in what we do, and we understand the pride that you take in your home. With that in mind, we offer service from experienced lawn experts that provide high-quality work. Established in 2005, we’ve become an area leader in professional lawn care – call to schedule your initial consultation today!

Our Services

Those in the Carlisle County KY area know just who to call for their lawn care needs – they call us of course! They know we offer service from a team of qualified and dedicated professionals that have the experience to provide service at commercial and residential locations. Whether you need weekly mowing service to take one more thing off of your plate or you’re looking to redesign your entire lawn, count on us for the experience you need to get it done. We provide the following services:

Grounds Maintenance Carlisle County, KY

From getting the lawn mowed every week to maintain a well-manicured lawn, there are many benefits that hiring a professional grounds maintenance company can bring to your commercial or residential property. Some companies just mow and move on, mow and move on – at Throgmorton, we provide complete lawn care service to ensure a lawn that you can be proud of. From simple mowing to core aeration and fertilization, we have the experience to fulfill all of your needs!

Benefits of Professional Grounds Maintenance

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yard drainage assistance

Yard Drainage Assistance Carlisle County, KY

If you are finding your Carlisle County, KY home or business yard is flooding during rainstorms, it may be caused by a lack of proper drainage. Our team at Throgmorton, LLC is here to make sure that your lawn has the proper types of drainage that it needs. This includes the installation of new drainage systems such as rain gardens or dry wells, or even the repair of current drainage systems. Give our team a call today and we can help come up with an efficient and affordable solution to your yard’s drainage problems.

Some of Our Yard Drainage Solutions Include:

Fall Aeration and Overseeding Services Carlisle County, KY

Noticing that your yard is not looking its best during the cooler fall months? Your yard may be Fescue grass which is one of the cool-season grasses that thrive in the fall months and need to be overseeded during these months. Overseeding is the process of applying seeds over the current grass in order to fill in any bare patches of grass and to help your grass grow thicker. Some of the benefits of aeration and overseeing include:

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Why Choose Throgmorton, LLC?

Lawn care is a business with customers expecting high quality and great customer care from the company that they spend their money with. Because of this, our team understands how important it is to go above and beyond for our customers. Why are we Western KY’s leading lawn experts? Read on to see for yourself!

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